Chemical Straightening

Chemical Straightening

Over the years the process of chemical straightening hasn't changed but the name and description has. Hair straightening is often presented as Japanese Hair Straightening, Yuko hair straightening, Ionic Straightening or some other marketing label.

A lot of people turn to chemical straightening in addition to other straightening ways to straighten for a longer period of time. With straightening, curly hair is reorganized to straight. Chemicals utilized for straightening are guanidine hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide. Though with this, there might be harm to your hair because the chemicals utilized strip the bonds which are liable for curly hair.

The Yuko System.
Created in the 1990s, this can make any type of curly hair straight in about five hours - for about six months or so, depending on hair. After a consultation with your stylist, your hair will be washed and divided into segments, then the application will be put on for roughly 20 minutes, depending on hair length etc. It will then be flat-ironed and a neutralizer will be put on to reset the bonds of the hair. It will then be rinsed, followed by a blow-dry, style and perhaps a cut. The whole process takes roughly five hours in total.

Similar to the Yuko System, but you will have a choice of results: cold-smoothing is for less frizz, progressive smoothing will leave you hair looking as if it's just been freshly blow-dried, and heat-straightening will make it look iron-rod straight.

Ionic Hair Straightening
Developed in the 1990s, the Japanese hair straightening treatment Ionic Hair Restructuring (IHR) is designed to straighten and improve the manageability of curly/frizzy, dehydrated, damaged and coarse hair. It works by allowing water molecules to penetrate into the core of each hair to dehydrate and recondition.

If you decide to go the permanently straight route, it's important to find a salon you trust. Take heed if your hair is dyed, colored or even just highlighted, as this may affect the outcome of the straightening process - even if your stylist assures you this isn't the case!

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