Cold Stone Therapy

Cold Stone Therapy

In addition to hot stones, some massage therapists use cold stones. These marble stones are hand cut for use in cold stone therapy.

Cold stone massage is a method of massage designed to bring clients stress relief and aid them in relaxation. This type of massage is also particularly effective at allowing the mind to release feelings of trauma and anxiety. Cold stone massage is often used to reduce swelling and inflammation, making it ideal for targeting sporting injuries. The cool stones, coupled with the soothing touch of a skilled massage therapist, helps to calm the body. Cold stones can also invigorate the body or have a cooling effect on hot days or for hot flashes. Chilled stone massage has also shown to be successful in aiding clients with sinus problems. Menstrual pain and bloating have also been alleviated with chilled stone massage. 

While cold stone massage is an ancient form of massage, it wasn't until more recently that it came back into fashion.

While this form of massage is particularly soothing and effective, it's not meant for everyone. Clients with heart ailments, sensitivity to cold temperatures, and issues with skin inflammation should definitely avoid chilled stone massage therapy. Any client questioning whether or not this form of therapy is right for them should check with a doctor before receiving a treatment.

Another option is alternating hot and cold stones, a technique called contrast therapy. Contrast therapy takes advantage of the benefits of both heat and cold. The contrasting temperatures expand and constrict the blood vessels, stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage.