Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Cosmetic ear surgery, also called otoplasty, is a procedure designed to improve and enhance the external appearance of large or protruding ears.

This type of process has become very popular with men and children between the ages of 4 and 14. The ears are usually fully developed by age 4 and about 85% of their adult size by age 8. Earlier operations are often better for children.

During the initial consultation the surgeon will examine the structure and discuss possible options for correcting the issue. Even in cases where one organ needs be pinned back, surgery will most likely be recommended on both, to achieve the most natural appearance possible.

Otoplasty does not alter hearing capability. In a successful procedure, the organs will be proportionate to the shape and size of the head and face.

The operation is performed in a physicians office, hospital, or outpatient medical surgery center. Physicians typically suggest a general anesthesia for younger individuals and a local anesthetic with sedatives for adults and older children. In some cases, overnight stay may be appropriate. However, typically patients are able to return home within hours of the operation. Surgery generally lasts roughly two hours.

Otoplasty is an art form, and like any art form, it requires the hand of someone qualified and experienced. It's especially important to find the right specialist to do the work for you. You can use the internet to find some doctors in your area who practice this procedure. Once you find a few doctors who seem alright, take a look at their past work and talk to them about what can be done for you. You can see pictures of their former patients and see the quality of their work.

The key to success with cosmetic ear surgery is to know exactly what you can expect. It's the doctor's job to lay it all out for you and give you realistic expectations. As long as you know what you'll be getting from this important operation, you'll be happy with the results. Like everyone else, you can live your life with normal ears and say goodbye to your deformity.