Eurowave Inch-Loss

Eurowave Inch-Loss

For an immediate inch loss where you need it. Eurowave tightens, tones and strengthens muscles allowing people to achieve shape, strength and stamina normally only achieved by hours of exercise

The Eurowave is the perfect inch loss system for the demands and constraints of the Canadian marketplace. A visible inch loss can be achieved after just one 18-minute treatment, culminating in a reduction of a dress size after a course of ten 18-minute sessions. This dress size reduction can be sustained for a 6 - 8 month period provided the client's weight remains constant.

The Eurowave utilizes a 400Hz and 600Hz pulsating faradic wave, which 'works out' the muscle group. The Eurowave works much the same as an isometric exercise. One 18-minute session on the tummy is equivilant to 200 perfect sit ups. The beauty of this treatment compared to physical excercise is very fast and completely painless.

Once muscle memory is created the results will last for up to 6 months, provided there is no weight gain!

Unique to the machine is the 'Duty Cycle' which allows variation in depth of penetration of the wave, and in the expansion and contraction of the targeted muscle group. This allows for a variety of additional applications including the successful treatment of back pain and ailments including sciatica, sports injuries, multiple sclerosis, and certain other medical conditions.