Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage therapy is a form of body massage which uses heated stones. Although different types of stones can be used such as marble and semi precious stones, the most commonly used is basalt because it is the most effective. Basalt is a volcanic rock which is famous for its heat absorbing and retention properties.

These stones are heated and placed at specific parts of the body including the back, the face, the neck and in a full body massage, the legs and toes. One unique feature of these stones, regardless of which type of stone is used, is that they are smooth and flat with different dimensions. They is no standard size to the stones as they come in different sizes, depending on where they are going to be used. The stones that are use don the face and between the toes for instance are tiny stones, much smaller than those used at the back.

The heat from the stones penetrates the body at key points, it achieves faster muscle relaxation than the regular massage and produces. It is particularly useful for those who for one reason or the other cannot achieve relaxation of the muscles through regular massage.

Other potential benefits of hot stone massage include the release of toxins, relief of pain, and improved circulation. The combined healing properties of massage and heat bring many clients who have hot stone massage once back for more.

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