Non-surgical face lift

Non-surgical face lift

There are several ways and alternatives you can do without going into surgical procedure. A non-surgical face lift is one way of improving your appearance without spending money and time. This is also a stress-free procedure. Modern technology can now provide you on how to have a lower face lift without surgery.

The non surgical face lift group includes treatments such as Microcurrent treatment, Thread lift, Thermage, and of course, creams, balms and liquids.

The Microcurrent is a treatment that uses electromagnetic fields to improve facial circulation. It helps to tighten muscles and improve the appearance and shape of the skin.

Thread lift is quite a complicated method and can be painful too at times. This procedure is made by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon places tiny incisions and hooks into the subcutaneous layer of the face and weaves the surgical threads through them. Some people might consider it as a non surgical procedure but it is.

In a popular treatment called Thermage, high intensity radio waves are applied to the skin. This heating action causes deep structures of the skin to tighten. Over time, new collagen is supposed to grow and produce a more youthful appearance.

Two extremely important proteins called Elastin and Collagen are being produced in much lower levels as we age. Lack of these essential fibers will cause lines, wrinkles and loose skin. Anti aging products like creams are not useful to lift the face because they cannot restore the Elastin levels. 

A non-surgical face-lift takes about as long as an intensive facial. Expect to spend about two to three hours in the clinic. There is almost no downtime after the treatment, unless your skin is very sensitive.

If you think that the non surgical face lift is the process for you, talk to your medical professional. Only a qualified and reputed surgeon can recommend the right procedure. Most experts say that this is ideal for younger people but some procedures can now be used for older individuals.