Perfector provides the ultimate Non-surgical Facelift through cellular resonance, along with cell regeneration. The six-stage treatment includes lymphatic drainage, circulation boost, cell regeneration and ionisation of marine-sourced collagen into the skin.

How Does it Work?

International director of research and development, Dr Xanya Sofra-Weiss, who specialises in anti-ageing and who heads up research on both sides of the Atlantic, has proved that tissue-building does not occur with higher micro-current and frequency levels.

Using this research, the company has striven to match the normal charge in skin cells, which gives maximum lift and provides the following:

Uses of the Perfector

  • Non-Surgical Face Lifting
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Non-Invasive Face Sculpting
  • Reduce Pigmentation
  • Control Acne & Rosacea
  • Reduce Melasma
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Increase Radiance & Glow
  • Build new tissue
  • Reduce Dark Eye Circles & Puffy Eyes
  • Increase Blood Circulation
  • Prevention of Ageing