Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows give face its appearance. Beautiful, naturally looking lines will make you look prettier. Properly shaped and coloured, they will emphasise eye makeup. They can even make your face seem thinner and your appearance more expressive.

If penciling in sparse eyebrows is part of your daily makeup routine, you may want to consider permanent eyebrows. Though it might sound like a scary solution, having your eyebrows tattooed will save you time and money while eliminating any chance that eye pencil might smudge or wear off during the day.

Before you decide that permanent eyebrows are for you, you should consider your options. The most common method is cosmetic tattooing. Your eyebrow area will be numbed with an anesthetic gel. Then a technician will use a vibrating needle to deposit color under the second layer of your skin. It's not incredibly painful, but you will feel a stinging sensation. The area will be swollen and red after the procedure, requiring cold compresses and ointment. It is also important to note that your eyebrows won't fade to their permanent color for three weeks.

Another method is eyebrow embroidery. This relatively new procedure is quick and nearly painless. The technician only deposits color under the first layer of skin, which allows more freedom to design a natural brow look through the use of feathering. One downside is that you'll probably need to return for touch ups more frequently.

A permanent makeup expert make a pencil sketch of eyebrows and choose a proper pigment - usually grey or brown (never black as it makes you look older). Then she disinfects skin and inducts pigment. Makeup will probably last between 3 to 5 years.

The treatment can be used to correct any natural asymmetries or uneven brows. It can also be used to give a natural youthful eyebrow raise without the use of plastic surgery or Botox. People with hair loss or patchy hair growth affecting the eyebrow including sufferers of alopecia and chemotherapy patients can now use semi permanent eyebrow make up to simulate the effect of natural hair growth. It is also used in people with disabilities who may not be able to physically apply makeup.