How Facial Oils Help Dehydrated Skin

The skin’s barrier is comprised of a number of different systems and elements that must all be in a perfect balance in order for it to remain effective. These elements are things such as Lipids, Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Ceramides and water. These components, when in a balanced state on the skin, create a system that allows for adequate water transmission in and out of the cells. When this natural balance is disrupted, by things such as environmental damage (extreme climate conditions, sun damage, pollution and free radical damage), by the effects of harsh chemicals used to treat other conditions such as acne or hyper-pigmentation or most commonly, by the natural aging process, the skin begins to lose its water content and its basic protective functions begin to deteriorate. This can be seen as dehydration, premature aging, sun damage, slow healing, scarring and texture irregularities. Although it seems to contradict all that we have been told by the media and society for many years; the only way to combat these issues and restore balance, is by giving the skin exactly what it is missing. Many believe that to be water, but in fact, our skin receives plenty, as our bodies are made up of 60% water. What our skin is missing is the agents that will protect the water from evaporation and freezing in the harsh climates. These agents are the Lipids and EFAs as mentioned before. What our skin needs is oil. Now, that is not to say all oils are created equal. It is very important to be sure you are using the highest quality essential and cold pressed carrier oils in order to achieve these results. Some essential oils, if blended incorrectly can actually be quite abrasive on the skin. With that in mind, Eve Taylor has created 5 Aromatic Treatment Serums. These serums are 5 perfectly blended facial oils that boast a powerful concentration of botanical and plant based extracts to safely and organically treat any skin condition. These beautiful concentrates are even safe for sensitive and oily, acneic skin and can be used around the delicate eye area. Perfect under moisturizer as a serum and skin protectant, these oils are sure to change the way you look at skincare and take your basic routine to a luxuriously aromatic, spa-like experience with just one pump. Where to buy:
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