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Fazes Hair Studio is a full service award winning salon in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We offer a full range of esthetic and haircare products and services. We feature the city's best hairstylist and trendsetters who are known for creative and progressive hair design. We are always learning and growing to better serve you. Our team of proffesionals take pride in offering the latest in cutting, texturing and colouring trends that will help you express your creativity and enhance your personal style.


Profession consultations before we get started with your service so we are better able to meet your needs. Beautiful head massages that make you want to come back for more.



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Tue 10am - 8pm
Wed 10am - 8pm
Thu 10am - 8pm
Fr 10am - 8pm
Sat 9am - 5pm

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(204) 885-8500

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by far the best salon in winnipeg. so friendly and all the stylist there are lovely and do amazing job. very well trained i must say <3<3


Fazes Hair Studio is absalutely amazing!!! The stylists at Fazes are gorgeous! They are always giving me great advise on how to make my hair look and feel great. Not only do they do the things that most salons don't do, like sit down with you and talk about the things I want done to my hair. The atmosphere is everything that I could ask for. A very cute funny puppy named Fazer, a couch that allows me to put up my feet, a drink they gave me to sip on while I watch tv and beautiful ladies at work. They are always up to date with new styles and trends. I will always recommend this salon to people. Oh I will admit that prices are a bit high but again you get what you pay for my friends!


I think some of these reviews are from customers who had unreasonable expectations. I have always been given great consultations by Dawn, Sarah & Krystal (I've seen them all over the years). Granted, sometimes the advice given wasn't what I wanted to hear...like when I was a red head wanting to go blonde (had my heart set on it) but was told that the bleaching process would be too harsh and that I should go slowly.

Funny that you would mention the dog. I love that places are becoming more dog friendly. I believe that if humans can breath in the chemicals used they are safe for animals.

I have recommended this place to many friends and will continue to do so with confidence!


Be warned! The stylist is the one legally responsible for letting a client know that what they want done to their hair, they can't have for whatever reason. I told this girl my hair history (bleach underneath box dye) and she didn't see a problem with highlighting my hair at all. It fell out while rinsing the bleach out. WTF! Isn't this why they have a license in the first place! I should have stayed home and did my own hair. Oh yeah, and Anonymous and JC are right, they charged me to try & fix it too! AND the owner's little dog was running around the salon too...that's not healthy for the dog to breath in all those chemicals!


AVOID!!!! I brought in a picture and was assured by the stylist that they would achieve it..this did NOT happen. They attempted bleaching my natural black hair to a very light blonde in one session (not what I asked for), I ended up with 8 different shades of blonde on my previously virgin hair. Overall the stylist seemed very poorly trained.


Love this salon! I came in with damaged, overprocessed hair and Dawn made it beautiful again. I've followed her recommendations for treatments, follow up cuts, etc. and it is long, silky and healthy again.

I can't imagine anyone at this salon ruining anyone's hair! I can see, and have seen when I am there, clients coming in with box dyed, over processed hair and being disappointed that they can't get the result they expect because the stylists here won't do radical bleach jobs like they want.


Worst salon experience ever! I will never go back to this salon. Completely ruined my hair. The owner was right there and saw the mess her stylist did in my hair. Came in for highlights and she over processed my hair and over-bleached it ...it was coming out in the rinse bowl. She is the one with a license and should have known when to stop the bleaching process...I couldn't see as I was under the dryer. She had the nerve to charge me extra to "cut" my hair when she tried to cut out the really damaged hair. Other patrons were staring..it was horrible. NEVER GO TO THIS SALON!!!!


I would not recommend this place. When you go to a professional salon and the results are not what you had requested the first time, you expect them to fix it - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! And the stylist was rough. Not impressed!


I love Fazes Hair Studio. The staff are always friendly and accommodating. The services are always up-to-date and the atmosphere is laid back and fun. I know that they are always on top of the latest trends, so I feel comfortable leaving my 'beauty' in their hands! Thank you, Fazes!

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